The Card Game Process


Designing and creating a card game from the ground up has proven to be an incredibly challenging and highly rewarding experience for me. Not only do I have a lot of creative impact with a game like this, I also am able to push the game making industry forward towards new ideas. Producing unique and unusual concept like Sneaky Cards we can expand our thoughts of what games are and how we interact with them.

“I want to show people that the world is a game, and you are a player.”

Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable. But at the same time that takes a lot of work, it takes time and effort to better your self. There are so many ways of improving your own outlook and perspective on life through gaming. Board games and card games in the past have been centered around the table, playing with people you know. I love that there are games like that, I think that should be and always will be the core of gaming, but there is a place for games like Sneaky Cards too. A place where you are seeking that self betterment and giving yourself personal challenges to cultivate growth in your life.

To me this project pushes the edges of the box, it is something I am incredibly proud of. That is why I have personally invested so much into it. I know I haven’t been able to keep everyone up to date on what we’re doing, and there’s a good reason for that. I can’t say a lot, but soon… I promise.

As for my side of production I have been working hard on a huge revamp of the game, there are tons of cards that just don’t work right now. In my update I have removed nearly 15 cards and added even more. I have also been rewriting a lot of the old cards so they flow better, the next update you see will be very big in terms of the differences you see.

There’s a ton I have learned through making this game. Having patients is a big one, also just the design process is a lot different than most projects I have been a part of. Moving forward after this is done(and we are far from finished) – I can’t wait to start making more games, I have so many new ideas. I would like to try a traditional board game at some point too, but knowing me it will have some crazy idea with it.

P.S. I am looking for a new web host with a VPS – my current one is very slow and people are having trouble with it… It needs to be done for sure.

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