Sneaky Cards, an imaginative and sneaky game… Make 2014 a year of playful fun and novel experiences.
The Institute for the Future
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Sneaky Cards is a card game designed to encourage, inspire, or facilitate playful interactions. Breaking up the tedium of everyday life, with small entertaining objectives. Each card is created to be unique and develop different kinds of play. Some of these are social, some psychological, some meditative, others entirely theoretical.

The cards ask us to re-examine facets of everyday life, change the way we relate to people, our environment, words, or pretty much anything.

Join the revolution!

How to play

Sneaky Cards DeckThe main goal of Sneaky Cards is to get rid of all your cards by following each cards individual rule set. The game can be played over the course of many days, and during everyday life or competitively, with each player having a deck and the winner being the player that can complete all their objectives first.

Select a card and complete its objective, the card will include all of the details for your mission. Most cards require being given away, some are left in specific locations.

The game works best in common social environments. Places like malls, school campuses, offices, social events, conferences, camps, youth groups, parties, and other public places. In most situations there is a player who is playing the game and a non-player who is not. With the player interacting in some way with the non-player.

Example: A card in the deck might say “YOUR OBJECTIVE: Give this card to somebody without them knowing. If your target catches you giving this card to them, you must take back this card.” in this example you must find someone and reverse pickpocket them, placing the card on their person.