Let’s play some Sneaky Cards!

Sneaky Cards is designed to encourage, inspire, or facilitate playful interactions. Breaking up the tedium of everyday life, with small entertaining objectives. Each card is created to be unique and develop different kinds of play.  Some of these are social, some psychological, some meditative, others entirely theoretical.

The cards ask us to re-examine facets of everyday life, change the way we relate to people, our environment, words, or pretty much anything.

The game is published under a BY-NC-SA 4.0 Creative Commons license. So everyone is free to download, print, and share the game.

SneakyCards deck 111 Sneaky Cards


A card game to create fun and playful social interactions!



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"Sneaky Cards, an imaginative and sneaky game... Make 2014 a year of playful fun and novel experiences."

− The Institute for the Future

"We're intrigued by Sneaky Cards, a crowd-developed card game with real-life tasks and achievements..."

− Creative Commons

"I think they'd be great for any teens...especially ones who like spicing up their lives..."

− Spark Interaction

"Sneaky Cards looks like a great game; I'm planning to create GreenImpact Sneaky Cards!"

− Green Portsmouth

"This game looks awesome... We need more people playing this… hell, it might even get you laid."

− I Heart Chaos

"Sneaky Cards is part Pay It Forward, part Whose Line is it Anyway, and part Saw."

− Kill Screen
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